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Real estate and mortgage fraud are growing crimes in America today. Land Notification alerts help property owners be alerted to potentially fraudulent activities by providing them with information about documents being recorded against their name, business, or property. Each time there is recording activity on a specific parcel ID or name, an email is generated, notifying the appropriate person of this activity.

This service is a great opportunity for property owners of the County to use. It is a free service that allows you to monitor and protect your most valuable assets.

How It Works....

The Land Notification System gives you the ability to monitor personal names, business names, and/or Parcel IDs on recordings related to your property. You can create one or more alerts that are triggered when real estate records are recorded or indexed at the County Recorder/Register of Deeds Office for names and/or Parcel IDs identified in the alert.

When an alert is generated, an electronic notice will be sent to the email address you provided at the time you registered for the service. This email will contain more information about the activity and will include contact information for the County Recording Services.

Things to Know....

What do I need to sign up for this free service?

You will need an account with Google or Yahoo to sign up for Land Notification alerts. This is only to create your Land Notification account; you can have alerts sent to any email address.

Will I receive unwanted emails?

You will receive an email only when a document with the name or Parcel ID you provided is indexed in the official real estate records. You can deactivate your alerts at any time.

How do I subscribe for Land Notification alerts?

To sign up for alerts, click on the "New Users" button on the landing page.

Can I enter more than one alert?

Yes, you can create multiple alerts for your account. Be sure to give them names you recognize so that you can edit or remove alerts if you wish. You must make separate alerts for each individual name or Parcel ID you want to monitor. For a married couple or for those persons who share the same last name, you must make individual entries for each person.

How many emails can be notified for each alert?

You can create alerts for as many names, business names, or parcel IDs as necessary. You may create additional alerts for different email addresses if you want multiple people to be notified. Only one email address can be associated with each individual alert.

Do all email addresses need to be verified?

Each email address associated with an alert must be verified. An email will be sent to the address and the user will need to click on that link to verify it is a valid email. They will need to have an account set up and be able to log into their account to complete the verification step.

Can the Alert Name contain symbols?

Alert names can only be letters or alpha characters. Symbols such as hyphen or commas should not be included in the Alert Name.

My first name has nicknames and/or is spelled many ways; how should I enter it?

The system will find portions and parts so you'll want to enter part of your first name. For example, if the name is James, sometimes Jim - enter just J (Ja or Ji will eliminate some results). Another example is Christopher, sometimes Chris - enter Chris (this would bring back both names). If you enter an alert as first name "Jo" you will get any names starting with those two letters such as Joseph, Joe, John, Jon, Jonathan, Joanne, JoEllen, Josie, and etc.

My last name or business name, is spelled differently on occasion; how should I enter it?

Enter enough for the system to find, but not eliminate. Or consider making two or more entries.

For example, Escobar Vega - do not use punctuation such as a hyphen and set up "Escobar Vega" and also either "Escobar" or "Vega" or both along with first name as described above.
For example, Von berg can be set up as "Von berg" and also set a secondary for "Vonberg" for those times the space gets dropped.
For example, Bold Bloom, LLC, sometimes called BBL can be entered as "Bold Bloom" or even just "Bold" or "Bloom" but do not enter punctuation or acronyms.

My last name is very common; will I receive notification alerts that could possibly belong to someone else?

Yes, you may receive an alert that matches your name but actually is another person that shares your name. Use other information sent in the alert email to determine if it is something to be concerned about and if you are not sure, call the number provided in the email to confirm.

My name is Jeff Anderson Junior (Jr.), how would I enter that into the alert fields?

Counties may enter these suffixes in different ways. Enter first name "Jeff" and last name "Anderson" without any suffix and you will get all results. You will need to look at the details on the alert to see if it matches your property due to the differences in the ways counties enter these suffixes.

How should I enter my business name?

Be sure to change the Name Type field from PERSON TO BUSINESS by using the down arrow. Business names may have special abbreviations used by you or others. When the county enters the name in, it may not be exactly as you intended. Words like company, corporation, incorporated, and more may have abbreviations used in certain counties. Please enter the main part of the name only. For example, Roy Brothers Painting Company enter "Roy Brothers Painting".

My property is part of a Trust, how should I enter my trust name?

To start, be sure to change the Name Type field from PERSON to BUSINESS by using the down arrow. Trusts are entered as a business. Then enter the trust names just as it appears. Do not use any punctuation. Names will be found provided they are spelled accurately. In some cases, counties will change the word order or drop a word when entering. For this reason, you may want to set up an alternative alert that is just the last name and the word trust. For example, for JOHN DOE REVOCABLE TRUST or JOHN DOE 2019 TRUST, you may consider simply entering the name as "DOE TRUST". This will send an alert for both trust name examples.

What if my email address changes or I am no longer interested in monitoring a name or parcel? How do I update my subscription with this new information?

Log in to Land Notification and go to Alerts > Manage. From there you can click to highlight any line and use the edit link in the window to modify that alert. Once you make changes, you must click the Update button or if it?s no longer needed you may Delete.

How long does my alert remain active on Land Notification?

Your alert will remain active indefinitely as long as the county Recorder/Register of Deeds Office participates in this program.

I own property in several different counties; will one alert in one county cover me for all counties?

No, you must set alerts for each county where you own property. Each county has its own system, or you may also note that some counties do not yet provide an alert system.

What information is provided on a Land Notification alert email?

The alert email is customized by each county and generally contains the following: Document Number, Document Type, Modified Date, and Matched Party Name/Parcel ID. In addition, you will be provided with a way to contact and/or research further on your own with a link to their public records searching system (LandShark), if available. There is a small fee to search and/or obtain this record for most counties.

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